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CarpetBag Brigade brings bi-cultural roadshow to Hopi community

Three of the five member Carpetbag stilt performance group, give an agile physical presentation of their stilt acrobatics for the Hopi community at the Second Mesa Hopi Cultural Center. Photos/Rosanda Suetopka Thayer

The Hopi community enjoyed a bi-cultural road show sponsored by the Hopitutuqaiki Art School and the Hopi Cultural Center in an effort to bring more family, music and art oriented events to the area during the summer.

The Carpetbag Brigade is made up of four separate theater, music and art groups, including the stilt-walking physical dance troupe, The CarpetBag Brigade, Andean based musical trio "Hojarasca" and two other bi-cultural groups, Nemcatacoa Teatro and Verbo Bala.

These four groups offer a performance called "Dios de la Adrenalina." The groups have been traveling throughout the United States and have been in the Arizona area for the past two months before coming to Hopi. The Carpetbag Brigade spent a month at Arcosanti - the Paolo Soleri designed community south of Flagstaff. They also spent time in Flagstaff at the Coconino Center for the Arts with select public performances.

Dios de la Adrenalina is a cross cultural collaboration with live music, spoken word and acrobatic stilts that tells the story of economic relationships between third world countries and their ability to overcome hardships with art and creative human thought and dance.

Large crowds of Hopis, non-Hopis and visiting tourists lined the back patio area at the Hopi Cultural Center for the Hojarasca music presentation. The crowd then moved out towards the front parking area for the open-air Carpetbag Stilt performance as the sun set behind the stilt performers in the back ground.

The Hojarasca trio played a variety of instruments from the Andes, including toyos, zampona, maltas, strings, percussion, ocarinas and digeridoo. The appreciative crowd applauded with loud cheers, hoots and standing ovations.

The Carpetbag Brigade will head to New York and San Francisco before the summer ends to complete their U.S. exchange tour.

More information about the Carpetbag presentation is available from the Hopi Cultural Center at (928) 734-2401.


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