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Hopi Katsina carvers to gather at Heard Museum Saturday for doll sale

White Orge, Manefred Susunkewa, Hopi. Submitted photo

PHOENIX, Ariz. - More than 100 Hopi Katsina doll carvers will come together to offer their unique creations for sale on Saturday at the Heard Museum.

This year's featured artist is Manefred Susunkewa (Hopi). He is credited with popularizing the "Old Style" katsina doll trend using only materials that were on hand before modern carving tools and paints became available. Susunkewa creates his own dyes and paints from plants and minerals. Event organizers selected his carving "White Orge" as this year's signature doll, which will be raffled off the day of the marketplace.

Ryon Polequaptew, a noted artist and musician in the band Thunderboy will perform. Other artists include Aaron Fredericks, Ed Seechoema and Neil Davis Sr.

The marketplace showcases the centuries-old art of katsina doll carving, the traditional depiction of spirit messengers by the Hopi of northeastern Arizona. Each doll combines bright color, fine woodwork and intricate decoration to create an artist's distinct vision of Hopi Katsinam.

The Katsina Doll Marketplace offers an opportunity for attendees to learn about this time-honored art form directly from experienced artists.

The marketplace takes place from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. in the Steele Auditorium at the Heard Museum, 2301 North Central Ave., Phoenix.

More information is available at (602) 252-8848 or online at www.heard.org/katsinadollmarketplace.


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